My dad was a man of many expressions. We have this in common. Lately I have been thinking of two that he frequently used. One was, “When Mike says something you can take it to the bank.” The other was, “When Ben shakes my hand I have to count my fingers.” When you tell someone


Life Coach

Do you find yourself unable to move forward with your life simply because you can’t imagine how to crawl out from under the weight of your present situation? A Life Coach may be your answer, not necessarily a therapist, attorney or financial adviser. The job of a life coach is to work with you while


12 Ways To Discover What Makes You Tick

My book has been reviewed by one of the larger on-line sites.  Here it is!  Have you purchased your copy yet?  It is available on Amazon.Com. Official Review: 12 Ways To Discover What Makes You Tick Post Number:#1 by Tanaya » Yesterday, 13:29 3 out of 4 stars Review by Tanaya Share This Review 12 Ways


Is It Good To See The World Through Rose-Colored Glasses?

Some people think it is unrealistic to see only the good. They regard people who do as naïve. What happens though, when the rose-colored glasses give an unrealistic view of a person or a scenario that leaves us making poor decisions and dealing with the disappointment of being misled? Studies, including Psychology Today, have shown



I have been playing a relatively new sport called pickle ball. It has similar qualities to tennis, racket ball and Ping-Pong. I have joined a new group of people who, like me, have given up some of our more active sports to find this one that is less strenuous on the knees and back. There



When I was a young child and was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up,

Family Issues

Our Inner Dialog: What Does It Really Say?

This morning I shared one of my recent inner dialogs with someone whom I really respect. It went something like this, “Geez Roni, what an idiot you were to have trusted that person. What were you thinking?” My friend said, “Would you have said the same thing to your son or grandson had they confided



There is a great deal of focus on kids who bully at school. There are many shows dedicated to educating parents and children about cyber bullying. Children are subjected to bullies on a regular basis. As adults and educators, we must be super sensitive to this, as young people often don’t know how to handle


How Do We Deal With Loss?

This past week several of my friends experienced loss. A good friend recently lost her husband; another is