I have been playing a relatively new sport called pickle ball. It has similar qualities to tennis, racket



When I was a young child and was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was an actress. When I hit puberty and was asked the same question, I said I wanted to go to New York and write. In my mid 20s I wanted to have a husband, a

Family Issues

Our Inner Dialog: What Does It Really Say?

This morning I shared one of my recent inner dialogs with someone whom I really respect. It went something like this, “Geez Roni, what an idiot you were to have trusted that person. What were you thinking?” My friend said, “Would you have said the same thing to your son or grandson had they confided



There is a great deal of focus on kids who bully at school. There are many shows dedicated


How Do We Deal With Loss?

This past week several of my friends experienced loss. A good friend recently lost her husband; another is having a service for the father of her children; another is visiting the cemetery on the anniversary of her daughter’s passing, and yet another has lost her precious dog. If we are fortunate to live a long


Do Your Friends and Family Feel Valued?

On a recent walk, a new friend approached the subject of my book. She had recently read it and offered some great suggestions regarding what she thought was an untapped audience for me. Later that evening while texting her, I told her that I appreciated her input. She wrote back to me and simply said,


Why Is It So Hard?

We all have pet peeves. My biggest one is when I hear someone say they aren’t doing something


Is There Always a Silver Lining?

It wasn’t an easy decision. I love playing tennis and I love the gals I play with. Unfortunately tennis DOES NOT like my knee. I am waiting for results of an MRI to see if surgery could be a solution for me. For months I have played, iced, elevated and limped just to start the


What Does It Mean To Be a True Friend?

Lately I have had more than my share of friends and acquaintances ask for my opinion on sensitive subjects, or just share with me a situation they are facing. These are work related, relationship related and family related…all very personal. My first thoughts tend to be, “Do they want to just vent, do they want