As An Adult, What Advice Would You Give To The Child You Use To Be?

I found an interesting article in People Magazine this week where various movie stars and other famous people were asked what advice they would give their ‘younger’ self.

I found this interesting because most all of the people interviewed said, “Enjoy wherever you are in life, learn from your mistakes and don’t take yourself or what others say so seriously.”

I cannot stress enough about this journey called life. And it doesn’t really matter what age you are or where you are in your life. It will provide you with highs and lows. It will offer you chances and then take them away, and it will give you reason to laugh and to cry. You will, if you are lucky, feel and love so deeply that the loss and hurt will be painful.

Life should NOT be walked through; it should be approached with gusto, loud laughter and big old crocodile tears. Whatever age you are, take chances, open your heart, open your mind.

Look at your life as a gift. Treasure that gift. Always learn, always be kind, and always elevate those around you. Be the positive force in someone else’s life, but more importantly, be the positive force in your own life.


Don’t wait until you are in a nursing home or not mobile, to think of all the things you wanted to do and didn’t. Get up everyday and, as they say, “Take it on”!

Your younger you!

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2 thoughts on “As An Adult, What Advice Would You Give To The Child You Use To Be?

  1. Kelly says:

    It is always easier to Monday morning quarterback… Enjoy – sure, Laugh – sure, Love – sure, Pain – unavoidable…. if given the choice I would do so many things differently. I would advise my younger self that every decision matters. Listen closely to your gut and instincts. Manage your needs over your desires. Take care of you and especially, take gentle care of your heart.

  2. Roni says:

    Wise words. So, if I were to ask you in 20 years what would you tell yourself at this age, what would you say? Think about that AND, listen.

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