Why Is It So Hard?

We all have pet peeves. My biggest one is when I hear someone say they aren’t doing something that they really want to, because it is too hard. Why is hard the criteria for finishing school, changing careers, leaving a bad marriage, losing weight, exercising more and so on?

When my son was in the third grade and whined to me that math was too hard, I am pretty sure I encouraged him to study more. I know for a fact I didn’t say, “Hey no problem, just quit.” When my grandson first started playing basketball and found it difficult to run and dribble the ball at the same time, instead of quitting he made the choice to practice until he mastered it. Why? Because it was really important to him to play.


Personally, if I used ‘this is too hard” as a gauge, I would be writing this blog by pen. It was NOT easy to learn how to use an IBM typewriter (look it up) in high school. I would also still be using a rotary phone, or at least a flip phone. Also, I know for a fact that I would still be adjusting the rabbit ears (Google it) on my TV instead of mastering several remote controls to navigate my DVR and stream channels.

The reality: Life is hard. We must work for most of the things we truly value. I am sure the first time you learned to ski; play tennis; bowl; ride a bike or drive, it was hard. Did that really stop you from moving forward?


Perhaps we need to utilize a different criteria when deciding how to live our lives. Take the word “hard” out of the equation. Try saying, “This isn’t what I want.” Or, “This isn’t worth my time.” Or, “This isn’t something I value.” Chances are these sentiments do not define your feelings. We really do want to achieve the task. We just believe it to be too hard. Perhaps if we said, “Even though this is hard, I want it so I will work for it.” Or, “Even though this is hard, it is worth my time.” Or, “Even though this is hard, because I value it, I will work and study.”

Those who realize their dreams and goals are willing to put in the time. My sister-in-law spent a year working on a yoga pose called Crow or Wheel. She did the pose in class for the first time when I was visiting her. I was so happy to be there to see her smile as the entire class applauded her achievement. There is NO question, it was hard. Another friend made a choice to live a healthier lifestyle. She changed her diet and joined a gym. Easy? I doubt it. Worth it? You should see how great she looks and how good she feels.


Don’t see things that are hard as deal breakers. See seem as a challenge that you can overcome. Sometimes you will be successful, sometimes you won’t. Truly, how will you know if you don’t even try? After all, isn’t that what we tell our children?

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3 thoughts on “Why Is It So Hard?

  1. Marjie says:

    Great blog! Life is challenging! We’d be bored, otherwise! Thanks, for your thoughts Roni!

  2. Marjie says:

    I’ve no idea why the date and incorrect time posted in my comment.? Oh well..

  3. Roni Kugler says:

    Thanks for your continually support and feedback Marjie. Ultimately we get from life what we put into it. Perhaps not when we’d like, but over the long-haul. Have a wonderful holiday season. My best to Jeff.

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