The first chapter in my book, 12 Ways To Discover What Makes You Tick, is called Listen To Your Inner-voice. I have decided to dedicate a blog to this subject for those who have not read my book, do not know what their inner-voice is or those who need to be reminded of the importance of their inner-voice.


Everyone has an inner-voice, however; we all experience different clues when it comes down to it. For some it is a feeling that something seems wrong. For others our hearts may race a bit, our fingers may tingle, or we just might feel uncomfortable.   Still others have a hard time swallowing or their stomach may feel queasy. Some people use the term, “I feel it in my gut”, or “I have this nagging feeling”. Learn to pay attention to your body; it is an integral part of our senses as are sight, hearing and taste.

No matter what your personal signs are, it is NOT in your best interest to ignore them. When deciding on a job, an investment, a relationship or even buying a new car, listening to your inner-voice will give you the edge when making decisions.

For those who aren’t even sure what their inner-voice is, I suggest here and in my book to really pay attention to your body, not just your eyes and mind, when faced with a choice. Really feel what is going on with you. I once went car shopping with a friend and my first instinct was to buy a car that was too expensive, not practical and just a poor decision. My friend, knowing this was NOT the car for me (as she wasn’t emotionally vested) had to drag me out of the dealership with pen in hand, to take a long walk and grab some coffee.

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Bottom line: I DID NOT buy the car. Although I saw all the red flags at the time, I would have ignored them in the moment. Once I was able to get a clear picture with time and distance, I made a much better choice.

Although it took a friend to help me this time, going forward I have since learned over the years to be my own best advocate. I never bought a car again without using all my senses in making my decision.

As in my book, 12 Ways To Discover What Makes You Tick, I advise you to really pay attention to your personal inner-voice. This is easier than you think. Next time you are faced with a decision, no matter how small, take a moment or two to clear your mind and pay attention to your body. If you continue to be mindful of small clues going on inside you, you will be inclined to make better choices.

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If it turns out that you ignore your inner-voice and make a decision or two that you regret, don’t beat yourself up; learn from it. Wisdom isn’t achieved by NEVER making mistakes. Wisdom is attained when you learn from your mistakes.

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