Is It Good To See The World Through Rose-Colored Glasses?

Some people think it is unrealistic to see only the good. They regard people who do as naïve. What happens though, when the rose-colored glasses give an unrealistic view of a person or a scenario that leaves us making poor decisions and dealing with the disappointment of being misled? Studies, including Psychology Today, have shown that people who look for the good and the positive actually feel happier, are more productive and others want to be in their presence.

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I have discussed this with numerous people, and unfortunately I have had personal experience in this area. We all have one thing in common: Because we are not manipulative people and we live up to our word, it is difficult to believe there are those who don’t. We are educated, mature and feel we make sound choices. And yet…when it comes to certain people we succumb to the adage, “There is a sucker born every minute.”

Long after removing ourselves from the situation and engaging with the other person, the common cry remains, “What were we thinking?” With distance and time it is very clear to see all the red flags and oncoming trains. Yet while we were living the situation, why was it impossible to achieve clarity? Like me, I trust that you had people in your life that advised you, warned you, and told you their concerns. Somehow though we defended and justified our actions.


It is my nature to take someone at his or her word. I don’t like having to stop and analyze, “What is this person’s motive?” So, how do I and those like me protect ourselves from falling into a similar trap?

I know I am now using all my senses. I look for actions, not just words. I feel with my heart and my gut, and think with my brain. I take things a bit more slowly. If we aren’t learning from our experiences and mistakes then we have only ourselves to blame.

So if you, like me and millions of others, see the world through rose-colored glasses, take them off once in awhile to thoroughly clean them. This will provide you the opportunity to see the world for all it is. The good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.

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