About Roni


My name is Roni Kugler. I don’t hold a Ph.D. or Masters Degree in Psychology. I do not have a famous name like Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz. I haven’t written several best-selling books like Wayne Dyer or led thousands in seminars like Tony Robbins.

Yet, this is exactly why people like me, trust me, and listen to what I have to say. It’s because I am just like them. I’ve gone through just about every problem that we all face, and I’ve had to handle them head-on, as they occurred, right in my own backyard. I have come up with some pretty successful solutions that people can and do relate to.

I am the girl next door who is living proof that a person’s life can have meaning, purpose and worth.  And, this is obtainable for everyone else.  YES, that means you!

To date, I have written 125 inspirational blogs and 16 motivational videos with over 250,000 hits.

I am currently finishing my first book, 12 Ways to Discover What Makes You Tick.